Form not redirecting to thank you page


I have create a form using php and mysql. The form works fine. It places the information from the submitted form in the database and sends one email to the user and one email to me saying the form has been filled in.

However it does not redirect to the thank you page once the form has been sent. An error page comes up saying there is an internal error.

I looked at my error logs and this is what came up: [Tue Jan 19 11:55:18 2010] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header=/home/sites/ briefing.php, referer:

The php on my page:

<?php require_once("includes/connection.php");
include ("includes/functions.php");
//form validation
$requiredfields=array('site_use'=>'Please enter web site type','biz_type'=>'Please enter your business details','market'=>'Please enter the market question','style'=>'Please answer the style question If not sure just put unsure','message'=>'Please answer the message question If not sure just put unsure','branding'=>'Please answer the branding question If not sure put unsure','budget'=>'Please enter a budget figure','images'=>'Please state if you can provide images','name'=>'Please enter your name','email'=>'Please enter your email so we can contact you','aftercare'=>'Please state if you are wish to have aftercare services');
foreach($requiredfields as $fieldname => $requiredfieldsmessage){
if(!isset($_POST[$fieldname]) || empty($_POST[$fieldname]) || strlen(trim($_POST[$fieldname])) == 0) /*|| $_POST[$fieldname]==""*/ {
$errors[] = $requiredfieldsmessage;
 if(count($errors) == 0){
 $_POST = array_map('mysqli_prep', $_POST);
//end form validation
$name  = mysqli_prep($_POST['name']);
$email  = mysqli_prep($_POST['email']);
$tel  = mysqli_prep($_POST['tel']);
$site_use  = mysqli_prep($_POST['site_use']);
$biz_type  = mysqli_prep($_POST['biz_type']);
$market  = mysqli_prep( $_POST['market']);
$style  = mysqli_prep( $_POST['style']);
$message  = mysqli_prep($_POST['message']);
$branding  = mysqli_prep($_POST['branding']);
$budget  = mysqli_prep($_POST['budget']);
$images  = mysqli_prep($_POST['images']);
$aftercare = mysqli_prep($_POST['aftercare']);
$query = "INSERT into briefing_form (

$result = mysqli_query($connection, $query);
$message="You have recieved a briefing form";
$subject="briefing form";
$subject2="Your Quote";
$message2="Thank you for contacting Markets 2000. We will forward a quote to this address.";
mail($email2, $subject2, $message2);

(even though the function file is included on this page there are no functions or php in the rest of the page which is just the form and html)

Can any one help me with this?


I’m not absolutely sure but you don’t have a space after the colon (as shown in the manual), and you don’t specify the relative path from the domain root.

header('Location: /brief_return.php');

I think the lack of a space is a showstopper, and not starting at the top of the domain root (or specifying, or generating the path to the file) is just a preference I tend to use.

I have tried adding a space and i have put the whole domain root in ( and I have tried using “” instead of ‘’. i have also tried using the / and the ./ but none of these are working. Strangely enough it works on my local computer no problem.


Not all header instructions are to do with redirection…
mail() function uses headers too, check that your mail function is all correct and that the fields are there - echo them out to see.

Also check up in the manual about which headers are required.

I couldnt find anything within the manual about mail() which may suggest a problem. I did however take all the script about mail() out and uploaded it and the page successfully re-directed.

The mail functions in themselves are working properly because when the page is not re-directing I am sent the mail (and the user is sent the mail)

So…anyone any ideas how i can get these two re-direct and mail to work together? -or another way of doing the same thing?

thanks for your help

thanks for everyones input. this is one of those problems thats just righted itself on its own:eek:

what a waste of a day…