Form Not Displaying Properly

Hi Guys,

The form on the website isn’t displaying properly. Here is the website: <link removed>

The layout isn’t aligned well.

What am I missing?


Look OK to me. “Isn’t aligned well” is too vague for getting help. Be specific about the layout you want and it won’t be hard to explain how to get the result you want. (Post an image of what you want if need be.)

Thanks for the response and I do apologize about not being clear.

I have attached an image of how the form should appear. Thanks

The 100% wide select is actually the <div> you used to replicate the dropdown. How were you planning on having Javascript work? I set the <select> back to display:block and did display:none on the fake dropdown <div> and it’s appearing fine. You need to figure out how you want to work that.

Also on “.row form .row .column, .row form .row .columns” you might want to consider removing the padding on that. It’s causing a few pixels to be out of place for alignment purposes.

Thanks for the help.

I don’t plan on having JS. I removed the padding and that didn’t change anything.

What do you mean fake dropdown?

And what about the 100% wide select?


Reference the image attached. At the black, that’s where the

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your help. Actually, this is a template that came with a plugin. I am using the foundationreplacementcss. style and line 759 says something different also, the style.css in the templetes folder.

Unless you are talking about the themes css?


It’s probable that the style.css is a compilation of many different files. You need to find the rule I mentioend in one of your files. Comb through. Foundation uses SASS (at least my work does) and compiles it into a single file.

The compiled files (my works) are named like _divisions.scss or something similar. Are yours set up like that? Either way, comb through your files. Find that rule.