Form just not sending information :-(

Hi from York UK…

Before I post my challenge I have to say I am a beginner with php forms but I’m a very determined beginner and will add any suggestions that may come my way to fix my problem,

I have created a form here:

But my biggest problem right now is 2 things:

1: How do I get a thank you confirmation page to ping back that has a unique url (I will build a new page if that makes sense)

  1. How do i get the data entered to land in a specified e-mail address.

Below are the files Ive been battling with :slight_smile: Any insights welcome,

email-data-crunch.php (2.8 KB)contact-us-test-form.php (7.7 KB)contact-confirmation-test.php (7.4 KB) the data here:

you’re telling your mailing library explicitly where to send the email to.

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