Form input for xhtml 1.0 trans

Hi - in DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”

should form inputs look like this:
(1) - <input type=“hidden” name=“flavor” value=“subscribe” />

or like this:
(2) - <input type=“hidden” name=“flavor” value=“subscribe”>

validator seems to be telling me it’s (2)

thank you! - Val

XHTML is an application of XML and requires well-formedness.

In theory you can choose between <input&#8230;/> and <input&#8230;></input>, but since you’re likely to serve this as text/html you should stick with <input&#8230;/>. (Not that it matters, since you’re not using XHTML anyway you could <input&#8230;>, but it wouldn’t be valid and it wouldn’t work if you were suddenly to serve it as proper XHTML.)

What’s the point in using XHTML Transitional anyway? :eek:

thanks! I’m using xhtml transitional because I think that’s what wordpress wants and am converting site into wordpress.