Form Generator?

I’m in the process of getting ready to build an event registration application. I would like to generate a form on the fly by either entering the details of the form into a database or an xml file. Then I would like to have the information that was entered in the form saved into a database. Is there a product or open source project that can do this? I’ve seen an xml form generator, but I thought I would see if there are any other options.

Check out ASP.NET dynamic data, its up that alley.

That said, by the time you make a fully featured form generator, you’ve pretty much invented ASP.NET again . . .

For this you need to create an ADO .net object for the database. Then ReadXML to read the XML schema. Then you have to overload this ReadXML and have an infer schema in the database for it to refer. You can refer the webiste for more details on coding it.

I looked over Dynamic Data and it looks like it is perfect for CRUD applications, but I’m not sure if it would meet my needs for this project.

I’ll describe my project a little bit more.

My project is an event registration application. Each event will be different from the other and there will be different of users from various clients that would sign up for an event. I was planning on having different masterpages/templates for each client.

Example: Client A users would see the Client A theme on the registration form for the Client A event. Each client could have multiple events.

I need to store the event data in a database. Each client would have a power user that could see who has signed up for each event.

Could Dyanmic Data do the customized features?