Form feed code to printer: php / css

I am doing a dynamic table, with data from mysql, where I am sending data to printer.
all is working, but I don’t know how to send the form feed code to printer. (it could be on php code or css style).

Any idea?

thanks in advance for your generous advice.


chr(12) # form feed
print "\\f";

Thanks for your time.
I am sorry, I don’t know where put that code:
on php: print “\f”; it prints exactly that \f , so what can I do and where?.
thanks again.

thanks a lot for your advice logic_earth; the solution:
<div id=‘all_table’ style=‘page-break-after: always’></div>

That’s all. Thanks very much, again.


although to me,is better this:
while (… ){
// content to printer here
<div style=‘page-break-before: always’></div>

it works great !