Foreign e-commerce software

Hello Everyone!

Maybe somebody could help me. I think about buying a dedicated e-commerce software because I have enought of problems with OScommerce. In my country I have got an offer for about 3000Eur and it includes (standard option):
Customer’s site:
* association and comparison of the items,
* simple basket making new products easier to purchase,
* comments can be added to the order,
* wishlist that enables saving of selected items,
* order following in the tab - “My account”,
* shopping without registration and on hire purchase,
* payments for items via the internet (,,,,
* loyalty program,
* marketing modules - “recommend the shop”, “recommend the product”, “subscription” including newsletter,
* FAQ module that can be extended at every moment,
* discount management system,
* searching products by advanced options,
* addition of the comments to the items,
* The display of the items purchased by other customers during the website viewing.

Shop administration panel:

* optimal product offer management,
* easy adding of the items into the basket,
* full formatting of the items description with its detailed technique data,
* the items photos are generated automatically and in chosen size,
* possibility to attach unlimited number of photos to one product ,
* clasification of the offer, the customers and the orders according to selected criteria,
* displaying random graphics in the specified areas,
* subscribers management including customers mailing list,
* administration panel users management and the control of their acces to selected modules and functions,
* subpages, news and banners management,
* creating new subpages,
* possibility to manage customer's orders, invoices and delivery type,
* review of the statistics concerning the shop website refreshing, the number of visits to a website, the information about the customers(how did they find out about the website) 
* wholesale module,
* configuration of the main system variables concerning,  both the administration panel, and the shop,
* preparation of the shop for automatic indexation as well as for integration with external systems.

The eproSHOPbackup software:
* creation of backup files(extra data copies),
* possibility to restore data from backup,
* backup compression to the zip size,
* possibility to generate a report concerning backup progress and data restoring.
* total amount of Help Desk time - five hours,
* implementation to target server.

What do you think? I should buy it or start to looking for something else in foreigh counrties? What, Where? Sorry for any language mistakes…

Hi, I would advise not to hurry. All the mentioned features are supported by many other shopping carts which cost starts from around $200.

Thanks for reply. But does other foreign cart provide me 3 years warranty (they told me that also 24 hours telephone help is provided - and it is not forum but the men from company). And the graphic layout is created only for me. And they have really nice projects… for exaple: . As I said I have enought problems with OScommerce. My shop looked as a one huge mess and I didn’t have time for sitting and looking for help at forums. I am a seller and not a programmer :frowning: Is there anybody who could give me any other sensible solution? And the second thing is it possible to buy something like a e-commerce software from abroad without a problems? Many shops don’t want to sell even the simple items to Poland.

Concerning technical support and other services, one of the most convenient ways is to compare the offers of different e-commerce solutions on such websites as:

Take a look, it may turn out to be of help.

Thanks, I will check these Websites for sure:) And for any other ideas I will be grateful too.