Foreign companies marketing

Hi, my company opens a branch in Poland. We are preparing a new website and we need a company that will take care of links building . I found the website: <snip> . Do you think that’s better to use a local company or a foreign?

Get some good Local Company who has expertise in search engine optimization field if you are newbie in this online marketing world then it is best for you. They surely help you to get good rank as well as they take care of link building campaign on search engine for your sites.
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If you plan to launch a business on Poland the best is a local SEO company. Though the language barrier may be a problem for you and get you some problems. I had a campaign on Turkey this year and I barely found someone capable to do some quality work.

So keep your eye open!

You should opt for taking help of a local optimization company that can optimize your information over the Internet. A local company can optimize your website in better way in local language so that local visitors can visit your website to avail its products or services.

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