Force same height images side by side


I want to place two images side by side but as one of them has a lower height I want to place it inside an empty div with border so that both images appear the same height.


I’m getting close but cannot understand why the border height in #logoimg div does not rise to the coded 120px

#logoimg {
    border: 2px solid blue;
    display: inline;  /* inline objects do not respond to heights or vertical padding.  DELETE Me. */
    height: 120px;  /* Another FIXED HEIGHT.  DELETE ME! */
    width: 300px;  /* Another FIXED WIDTH.  DELETE ME! */

Thanks ronpat

I learn everyday. Problem is I forget everyday too!

Could you ave a look at my other thread (the centring one)? I need to make the map small and centred so that I can add text at the top and a button at the bottom. With the code I was given a I do not know how to change it

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