Forbid access to root directory listing?

I apologise in advance, I am very much a novice when it comes to server setups and permissioning… I was looking at my Wordpress site and typed in a url wrong, and the resulting page was the entire listing of my / root directory! how can I forbid access to this in the browser? I use Godaddy, and I honestly assumed that was something they’d have in there by default. Can someone help?

If it helps at all, it said I’d accidentally typed in or something like that - 3 slashes… I have not been able to recreate it after I accidentally closed the window. I do have an index.html in the root - I’m pretty sure I read someplace that putting a blank index.html in every folder of your site prevents directory listing like this?

I’d typed in /// and it showed me the directory listing of my local computer :frowning: my bad lol. moderators please feel free to delete this one :wink: