For whom do you put on your code makeup?

Ran into a pretty interesting question on Reddit the other day - the redditor asked people whether or not they take more care about how their code looks when they know other people will look at it.

As someone who likes to think they suffer from OCD, I tend to be very meticulous about most things I do. Ergo, even the simplest of my scripts tend to look rather good - with a good tool like PhpStorm and the autoformat key combo, it’s not even a big deal. But there’s an even more hardcore level of attention to visual detail when writing code in my case: procrastination.

See, I’m someone who gets really warmed up to a project, and then this happens. Actually, more like this happens.

Pretty code is my way of procrastinating. At first I’ll be on fire, building out a good 50% of the project in a matter of one or two days, but then, I’ll start scrolling through the methods and classes, tidying things up, putting big, explanatory docblocks onto methods that I intend to remove or update later on anyway, and more.

The end result will be a half finished project that looks amazing - commented to the bone, type hinted, indented and spaced out perfectly, clear of any extra files from the repo, following all the standards and then some, but with little to no the final intended functionality. This makes it easy to come back to it later down the line (I’ve found some 3-4 year old projects in my archives, but thanks to the state of their code I could easily get back into them! Coding for my future idiot self ftw!), but makes the projects go through a waiting period until I’m ready to dive in again, because I’ve procrastinated and burned myself out on code prettification rather than functionality.

In a team, it’s actually the other way around, especially when a deadline is looming. My code will never - never - be messy, it’ll always be formatted and at least have some basic docblocks in place, but it’ll actually get uglier the more people there are and the closer the deadlines are. It’ll have features but little to no aesthetics. In a way, the beauty of my code is inversely proportional to the number of people about to see it - and its entropy is only enhanced by the factor of looming deadlines.

What about you? For whom do you put on code makeup, if anyone?

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I would say you suck at prototyping. At least i do. But on the other hand i had so many projects that got messy because when your job is done, nobody pays for cleaning up the prototype - it works for the management to often equals with ‘production ready’ (until something breaks). here another link:

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