For Hosting experts - How do web hosts provide Free Domain Reseller Account?

How do these web hosts provide Free Domain Reseller Account? Some also provide WHMCS but I guess it costs around $8 since they purchase in bulk and the cost is already in the packages which they offer. But I might be wrong about the WHMCS thing.

Also if you are a webhost or have deep knowledge about it what uncommon free facility do you offer? [Please do not write in a promotional language since that might get you a infraction.]


It’s not free, the cost of the domain name is built into the price of the reseller account. Moreover, the host will generally own the domain so you’ll not be able to move to another host should problems arise with their service.

As a former Team Leader, I would advise hosts NOT to respond to the question about “what … do you offer” as that WILL lead to you (eventually) getting banned.



It depends on the web host. Some are able to offer it literally free as it costs them nothing to provide it. The major cost would be the support, which is why it would be bundled into a hosting account. Furthermore, with a proper domain reseller account, the domain reseller does own the domain and it remains in their control.

Different domain resellers will vary of course.

In calculating the hosting price of a hosting account that comes with a “free” domain you need to deduct the cost of the domain from the total price charged. You can then compare that lower price against what others charge for hosting without a domain.

it is not free, there are charges applicable