For Adwords PPC Marketers - How Do You

Hello everyone,

How do you get around this error message that pops up when you use certain keywords in your ads:

“Google does not permit the advertisement of template sites for ad networks.”

I’m trying to include a name of a specific software I’m promoting, in my ad… but the new terms prohibit me from doing so…

I’ve heard some marketers get around it… any wisdom?


Don’t use the word or get permission. The trademark rule is just that simple… you can find similar words that imply something of a similar meaning or get permission but if it’s the same word (or an exact derivative like an 0 for a o) the trademark owner can block it.

I’ve noticed many people like to change the “o” to “0” to avoid the trademark issue. Is there a specific reason behind using a “0” inplace of an “o”, instead of changing or adding any other letter?.. like maybe help in maintaining some good quality score regardless?

Furthermore, I’m promoting the same product as the owner who owns the trademark and who created it… if I can proof that I’m promoting HIS product too, is there a chance he’ll allow me to use the keyword? He also uses adwords btw, so regardless, he may still be pissed off that I’m cutting off some of his direct earnings.

It looks similar. Quality score is about CTR and words. You can’t fake the word for that part. Ticking letters isn’t a sure thing either… Google allows trademark holders to block those as well if they care to.

And yes, a trademark holder can let you use their name if they want to. It’s their decision.

Ok, I got permission from the trademark owner and he followed the steps for them with adwords to grant me this permission.

However, few days later, google disapproved my campaigns and said the reason this time, despite my gained permission for the trademark, was that they don’t like the product I’m promoting! They said they don’t approve products that have anything to do with adwords/adsense …etc.

It is ironic since there are loads of people advertising this same product on their network, without a problem. When I mentioned that, they said they will be glad to remove them if I pointed them out to them! What am I? A snitch? And they really think I believed them when they said they don’t know about them?

I agree with “Ted S” give it a try and it might work out better for you.