For a Web town index site or App featuring a town index,... needed permission to list

For a Web town index site or App featuring a town index,… needed permission to list services and shops from owners?

Well, that depends where you’re getting that information from. If you’re taking those details from a public page such as the yellow pages, I doubt that you would need any.

Now, if you’re building a database with all the information yourself, then yes, you do.

You do?

I think so yes. Of course, I may be wrong. I haven’t read the law or anything but I would say that you have the right to control where you want your name to show

So in a town of 4000, i must send email to each service owner in town? Also may collect a fee of 10$ for each listing?

Yes, you could… that’s what many of these resources/sites do. If not for publishing their public data that which you do not need their permission to publish (like if they’re in the yellow or white pages), maybe to some kind of premium service or whatever.

Of course, you should always check the law in your country but I think this is true for most countries.

where to look if my area companies data exist somewhere where can get with the resource (of this data) api? in my case Cyprus is small island and Paphos the smallest district and my town is relatively small town.