Footer not extending...need fresh eyes

On this page

the footer does not extend all the way across the page like it should (example: )

I am assuming there is a missing </div> tag somewhere in m y code, but I am having trouble finding it. Can someone with a fresh pair of eyes take a look and help me out, please?


That first link is broken.

The absolute positioning on this rule is causing you headaches:

#panes div {
color: #444444;
font-size: 13px;
left: 20px;
position: absolute;
text-shadow: none;
top: 20px;
width: 915px;

Abs pos takes a div out of the flow of the document, so that other elements don’t know it’s there. Remove that, and maybe give it some padding to nudge it into position. That should help a lot.

that didn’t make a difference. I have had this exact issue before and it was a missing div, but I have been looking at this code forever now and its getting frustrating :slight_smile:

Hmm, I tested it out and it worked for me via Firebug. I’m not exactly sure how it’s meant to look, though.

Thanks. I found the missing div, and we are all good now.