Footer not coming at bottom in IE8


I am referring Paul’s site for creating two column equal height.
This was a very useful site.

The only issue i am facing was footer is not touching the bottom of page in IE-8.

Please check the below link.

Please help me solving this issue.



I’m not seeing that effect on my online version as I see your screenshot shows a local copy. Do you get the same effect with my online version.

There is an updated sticky footer in the faq for IE8 but I’m not seeing the problem with that example above (even though its very old).

Issue is occuring in IE-8 when DocumentMode is set to IE8 Standards.
Attaching screen shot for what i am getting when Document Mode is in IE8 Standards.

Actually i checked in online version. But by mistake i have attached the local one.

PFA the online version screenshot. Still i am getting space after footer.

In the updated skicky footer for IE8, if i remove/reduce the height of the footer then it is not coming at the bottom.


Yes that’s the old IE8 problem and the new sticky footer will cure it. I’ve just updated the old example with the new code if you want to test.

Click refresh and it should be ok in IE8 now.

Not sure where you referring too. See the site the same way in IE8 as in FF and Opera