Footer Not Clearing Content in Mozilla 3.6.8 (Latest)

Hi All,

I just noticed a bug in one of our development pages:

If you use the search boxes on the left, and select:

United States > California > All Areas > Nov 2010

(There will also be a broken image during the search process… we are aware of that and our programmer is fixing it)

You will see that for whatever reason, the footer is not clearing the two content columns even though it has a clear:left tag (and the two content columns have float:left in their CSS properties).

Any idea why this is occurring only in the latest Mozilla? It clears fine in IE8, IE7, the latest Chrome, and Safari.

A thank you for any help, in advance.


I also see this using IE Developer toolbar in IE 8. Plus right-clicking in Chrome and doing an “inspect element”, it also shows up.

Both your contentwrapper and leftcol have an inline height set(e.g., <div id=“leftcolumn” style=“height: 419px;”>). In Firefox, it seems to stay the original height from the page load before the search results are shown. Looks like the container/column heights don’t get recalculated after the search loads in FF.

I saw that. Thank you for confirming that is the issue. I have notified our programmer so it can be corrected.

Thanks again :))


If you read my answer in post #4 I already mentioned that the problem was the equal column script :slight_smile:

Upon further review, it is only in Firefox that the inline elements show. They don’t exist is other browsers. In fact, it is only displaying like that in Firebug.

The problem persists.

Any other ideas why the page is hiccuping in Firefox?

No Problems - on re-reading what I posted I should have made it a bit clearer anyway:)

Hi Paul,

Sorry, my understanding of what you meant was non-linear to when I discovered the issue. A credit to you, too.

Thanks again,


Hi Melissa,

I found the problem, thanks to your help. It would seem our programmer forgot he was using a script called equalcolumns.js and it was sending inline style height tags to those columns.

Thanks again - you rock!


Instead of using an equal column script (which slows the page down) you could use the faux column technique and repeat an image on your #contentwrapper to produce the full column effect. You wouldn’t then have to call the equal column script after every search.