Footer not at the bottom of the home page....but it is on other pages


I'm trying to get my footer to stay at the bottom of the page. It works fine on other pages, but the home page isn't working. Below is a link as well as the css for the footer. Note, the background color of red is just for testing purposes. None of it seems to be working. I'm using Wordpress if that makes a difference. BUt what I can't figure out is why it's working fine on some pages, but not the home page.


Footer CSS

.sfwa_footer {
background-color: red !important;
opacity: 0.5;
height: 60px;
    position:absolute !important;
    bottom:0 !important;


the footer on the home page has the id of #footer, not #sfwa_footer. the #footer element is having this style applied to it:
#footer {
display: none !important;

The id for that homepage footer needs to be changed to the sfwa_footer id.


Ahh...yes. I swear I looked at it 100 times. Thank you


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