Footer Links to much?

Hi everyone,

I recently saw video by matt cuts talking about link juice and it got me thinking does the links in your footer effect your page? I currently have around 12-13 links on my footer and they are there every page on the site…is that bad? What would you guys recommend doing for the footer links?



Footer link is important, as per search engines (seo) concern, but you must aware on keyword stuffing, too much keyword posting, in footer leads black hat.



i guess he’s right… and besides, almost every one uses links on their footers

Footer links are very important for the webpages, it shows the page attached to the website. it is also good for navigation from one page to another in the website.

thanks for the answer seriocomic, so it won’t hurt having that many internal links on my page…

There’s nothing wrong with links in your footer - it’s standard practice.

The only thing you need to realize is that search engines can determine boilerplate content (header, nav, sidebar, footer content) from the main content. Editorial links inside the main content are given more weighting…

Point made thanks seriocomic

Have a look at the New York Times ( :wink: - sure, they have massive PR, but there’s still no issue with hundreds of links…