Footer height needs to be fixed


I’m having problems with my footer not being of fixed height.

Can you please advised me as to the css I need?

Thank you for your time.

Maybe this will help you:

No don’t use that as it doesn’t work in responsive sites and is an old antiquated version (the original was actually created by me back in 2002 :)). Use this version instead as it caters for fluid height footers automatically.

Can you explain what you are trying to do exactly? It seems that you may be asking for a sticky footer as Andres suggests but when you have set .main set to a minimum of height:1000px then nothing is going to work as expected. You don’t use magic numbers like that in web design (if you can help it). :). Of course if your image has to be 1000px tall for some reason then its not a magic number as such.

The sticky footer example I showed above would allow a middle section to stretch from the footer to the header automatically. The footer would stick to the bottom of the viewport if content was shorter than the viewport or will remain at bottom of document if taller than the viewport.

If you can explain your intentions in more detail then we can give better advice.


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