Footer does not show on page

Here is my html code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en"/>
<title>Search Corona del Mar Real Estate</title>
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="css/mapsearch.css" media="screen,projection,tv"/>
			<div class="txtright">This search engine echos the CRMLS (California Regional Multiple Listing Service) system which is the largest MLS in the United States. We display the latest listing information before it is <em>&quot;pushed&quot;</em> out to all of the vendors nationwide. Select a <em>price range, bedrooms, and property type.</em> This will display house icons on the screen. At the bottom of the map you will see &quot;Expand Map.&quot; There is a <em>Map View, List View and Gallery View.</em> You can save searches or set up eMail alerts to be notified of new listings. This particular page is a custom map search set for <font color="#39FF68" font size="3%"><em>Corona del Mar in Newport Beach.</em></font>

			<div id="nav">
  		  		<ul id="navli">
    				<li><a href="" title="HOME PAGE">RETURN TO OUR HOME PAGE</a> <br />
      				<br />
    				<li><a href="http://www." title="CAMEO SHORES">CAMEO SHORES</a></li>
    				<li><a href="" title="EVENING CANYON">EVENING CANYON</a></li>
    				<li><a href="http://www." title="FLOWER STREETS">FLOWER STREETS</a></li>
    				<li><a href="http://www." title="HARBOR VIEW HOMES">HARBOR VIEW HOMES</a></li>
    				<li><a href="http://www." title="IRVINE TERRACE">IRVINE TERRACE</a></li>
    				<li><a href="http://www." title="PELICAN POINT">PELICAN POINT</a></li>
			</div><!--eND of Nav-->

			<div id="maincontent">

  			<iframe width="880" height="1200" background-color:#F999" src="<Search><OrgId>carets</OrgId><NELat>33.61304676018744</NELat><NELong>-117.8405570983887</NELong><SWLat>33.5843072580453</SWLat><SWLong>-117.88999557495118</SWLong><LocationType>zip%20code</LocationType><MidLat>33.5986770091164</MidLat><MidLong>-117.86527633667</MidLong><Zoom>14</Zoom><SearchType>1</SearchType><PolygonType>zip</PolygonType><LocationType>zip%20code</LocationType><Location>92625%20(Zip%20Code)</Location><MinPrice>500000</MinPrice><MinBeds>2</MinBeds><MinBaths>2</MinBaths><MinSqFt>1400</MinSqFt><Status>A,B</Status><oper_in_misearch_features_2>OR</oper_in_misearch_features_2><oper_in_misearch_features_3>OR</oper_in_misearch_features_3><RESPropertyType>SFR,CON</RESPropertyType><Features></Features></Search><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
			<div id="footer">
Properties With Style Inc., a Real Estate Corporation&copy;. Data content displayed on this site is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate by the MLS's or their Associations. Information of sellers and others have not been verified. Data maintained by the Associations or their MLS's may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. DRE License: 01408382.
			</div><!--eND Footer-->

<!--ldsearch.html 12-08/2011-->


#footer                         {clear:both;
			 	line-height: 100%;

This happened once before but I can’t remember how I fixed it.

Thanks Rick

Is there a demo of this page as it’s very hard to determine the problem without been able to see the source in action.

Unfortunately there is not.

The page on my site is different than this one - I think?

Maybe I’ll go check . . . wait one . . . yep it’s got junk code that I have since deleted.

I find if I add this at the END of the iframe code . . . </Search>"> then the foorter shows up and the search in the iframe still works???

What the heck is going on here . . ?

Thanks . . . Rick

That would be correct. You’ve got that ugly a-- src= attribute on the iframe element open tag that doesn’t get closed, and what you added closes it. My guess if the src attribute is incorrect (it should either go right after the criteria= or after the </p> before the </iframe>).

Thanks Dave . . . I’ll check it out.


OK . . . I placed the closing like this . . .

</Search><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p"> </iframe>

. . . and it words well.

Not sure what is really right but I’ll leave it that way for now.

Thanks again . . . Rick

I don’t believe that would be correct; it is interfering with the closing P tag it probably actually goes before the P element and certainly NOT like: </p">

Forgetting the proprietary markup in the example above the generic hideous IFRAME element usually takes the form: [FONT=courier new]

<iframe src=“”><p><!-- Cannot view iframe text –></p></iframe>[/FONT]

There are also other pretty “mixed up” errors on the page but they aren’t to do with the footer disappearing.

Robert - whats is the difference between framset and iframes? (I looked at your page)

And, what other “mixed up” errors can you identify for me?

I’m really trying to clean this html up before I use it to set new identical pages with different searches.

See and navigate to the CORONA DEL MAR MAP SEARCH PAGE

Thanks . . . Rick

The Frameset is a seriously outdated design method; creating frames or panes that could have multiple views within a browser window; each frame is a separate page. Whereas the Frameset is the container page but you don’t actually see the contents of the Frameset page assuming the browser supports frames, which all the big five mainstream browsers can.

Whereas the IFRAME was a poorly designed and unsecured concept created by Microsoft in the Browser Wars to create an inline frame ‘subwindow’ within the main document. The OBJECT usually is considered the correct method for ‘embedding objects’ with such content inside a page.

Getting back to the anomalies (on the demo posted here only) since you have chosen IFRAME the document should be Transitional not Strict and have the namespace upon the HTML element. Then there is an erroneous FONT and size unit. The UL is also malformed - I am not sure what you were after there.

The IFRAME (excluding those proprietary tags) and the faulty SRC string, which I showed corrected in #7, i.e. how the P element should have been placed, etc.

Also the IFRAME has an erroneous CSS value appearing for the background colour most likely a style attribute was missing.

xhtmlcoder . . . you said . . .

“The OBJECT usually is considered the correct method for ‘embedding objects’ with such content inside a page.”

I looked this up on W3c and then tried it in a blank.html page. (See below)

Here is what I did . . .

<object width="880" height="1200" style="float:right" src="<Search><OrgId>carets</OrgId><NELat>33.644634857652186</NELat><NELong>-117.52349853515625</NELong><SWLat>33.61590588820444</SWLat><SWLong>-117.60606765747072</SWLong><LocationType></LocationType><MidLat>33.6302703729283</MidLat><MidLong>-117.564783096313</MidLong><Zoom>14</Zoom><SearchType>1</SearchType><PolygonType>custom</PolygonType><Location>Zip%20or%20City%20or%20Address</Location><MinPrice>$400,000</MinPrice><MinBeds>2</MinBeds><MinBaths>2</MinBaths><MinSqFt>1600</MinSqFt><Status>A,B</Status><oper_in_misearch_features_2>OR</oper_in_misearch_features_2><oper_in_misearch_features_3>OR</oper_in_misearch_features_3><RESPropertyType>SFR</RESPropertyType><PolyPoints>33.6429,%20-117.5775,33.6419,%20-117.5732,33.6429,%20-117.5681,33.6421,%20-117.5569,33.6327,%20-117.5586,33.6217,%20-117.5621,33.6168,%20-117.566,33.6169,%20-117.5714,33.6272,%20-117.5723,33.6344,%20-117.5735,33.6389,%20-117.5752,33.6429,%20-117.5775</PolyPoints><Features></Features></Search"></object>

I do not know how to run this search like this.

I OBJECT can be used in lieu of iframe?

How does this work?


can OBJECT be used on this page with it present content?


I cannot tell actually you how that embed page itself functions but if it were just a case of embedding the independent page using OBJECT the above would basically use this format:

<object width=“880” height=“1200” style=“float:right” data=“[...]&lt;/Search&gt;[B][COLOR=#CC0066]”>[/COLOR][/B]<p>Fallback message.</p></object>

I’ve not added all that full search string to save space in the post but with OBJECT you use data NOT src and " is supposed to go after the string, and before the > in the opening OBJECT tag as I have here in the example above using the generic format: <object data=""><p><!-- Fallback –></p></object>

I couldn’t get this to work until I discovered this:

<object type=“text/html” frameborder=“0” width=“880” height=“1200” style=“float:right”

Once I placed the type=“text/html” in the object statement it worked well.

Now my question to you all is this, should I use Object or iframe, and why?

Also - can I use CSS and ALL it’s abilities to manipulate an Object?

Even though I have frameborder = “0” there is still a border around the object. I would rather not have a border.

The <object> seems easier to work with than the iFrame - true?

Looking forward to seeing your comments.

Thanks everyone.


Yes sometimes you may require the mime type with the OBJECT though it doesn’t have the frameborder attribute. The OBJECT is a replaced element so you cannot really alter the content as that’s the embedded object but you could apply a border value, so think of it a little like an IMG.

When I use the iframe for a scr="http etc., the search loads much faster than when I use <object . . . data="etc.

At times the object remains blank and the data=" etc (my url) does not load at all.

I don’t find an onLoad or any similar attribute for <object>.

Any ideas?

Thanks . . . Rick

What is mime type and do I need it for a successful url deployment within <object?

I looked it up on W3c but didn’t quite understand it.



The mime is only suggestive and since that page you were embedding was mainly a normal HTML text/html page rather than say a embedded Java or Flash object thus ‘text/html’ would be the most apt. If it’s not loading occasionally you might still have a few syntax typos like before interfering.