Footer color bleeds out to body. Help please


I have a forum (Vanilla forum) at which shows strange color bleeding only on Internet Explorer (Tested upto IE8, don’t know about IE9). I made some CSS and php code changes to the original theme to better suit my needs, so the theme is not in its original default state. I should mention the forum looks fine on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera, it is only IE that’s giving me problems. Thanks for taking your time to check this out.

I don’t see any color bleeding in IE8. (It looks identical in IE8 and Firefox to me.) Could you post a screen shot of what you mean?


Thanks for responding so quickly. Here are the screen shots of what I see on IE8 and I’m also posting the Chrome and Firefox shots so you can see the difference.



If you are seeing things correctly, I’m thinking there’s something wrong with my IE8 installation, but I guess we’ll see after you check the screen shots. Thanks again.

Ah, right. It definitely doesn’t look that way in IE8, unless you have it set to IE7 mode (I just tested it). Do you care what it looks like in IE7? If so, a solution can be offered (though I’m not much good at debugging those outdated browsers, though lots of people here are).

Hi, I haven’t tested this in IE7, but I’m goign to go out on a ledge here and just say this is the issue :).

On #Body you have that background set, along with a width. Now, when in IE7 a width is set on a parent, it causes haslayout to occur, and as a result it contains the floated children. Right now the height (in all other browsers) is collapsed because it doesn’t recognize the floats are there, aka it has basically 0 height. If you add overflow:hidden you can replicate IE7 in other browsers.

As a result, you need to either, 1) remove the width set on #Body (can do this if you want. No adverse side effects), or 2) remove the background color so it’s not even visible :wink:

Hi. I should thank both of you for the help. RyanReese, your solution worked. I deleted the line #Body and now it looks fine on all browsers. So once again, thank you both. I do have one more question though about my forum. I have adsense ads running on the header and on the footer of my forum. On every other browser the ads load fine, but once again on the IE8 it refuses to load on the main page. Once you click into a discussion the ads start loading, but not from the main page Can you guys give me a little help on that once more. I appreciate you taking the time.

If google ads aren’t loading for you I suggest you contact them.

Okay. I thought it could be some coding issue of the theme because it was isolated to IE only, but I’ll contact them. Thanks RyanReese, I really appreciate all the help.

That’s logical thinking, however googles code should not be affected by CSS, or rather, CSS should not affect the loading of ads. Logically anyway :).

You’re welcome.