Footer background missing


I can’t seem to work out why the footer does not have a background on this page:

If you look at this page, the footer is perfect here:

Why can’t i see the background of the footer in the first link? Any ideas?


for some reason it’s loading at the top of the page instead of the bottom and it’s behind the elements at the top.
do you have firebug for firefox?


Thanks plasma800, i had to add clear:both to the footer :slight_smile:

Pheww! :wink:

Thanks again

You’re welcome

From the sounds of it (I haven’t looked at any code) the footer didn’t need clear:both, but rather the parent containing everything just needed a clearing mechanism. Overflow:hidden; on the wrapper elemenet (or container whatever) should have sufficed.

I’d recommend changing it over if this is indeed the case :).