Fonts source

Where would be a reliable site to purchase fonts?

What does that have to do with web design. With web pages it is the fonts already owned by your visitors that are used to display the page so purchasing fonts is pointless as that just makes it less likely your visiitors will have them.

Well…you can use different fonts other than “web safe” fonts in web design but either you have to use images for Flash software including sIFR or an upcoming typeface hosting service like [URL=“”]Typekit. To my understanding Typekit has a library of fonts so you probably shouldn’t count on buying a font and using it with Typekit.

Using images there are a few things to consider like using image alt tags on embedded images or the HTML span tags with CSS span {display:none} or span {visibility:hidden} to make your content more accessible. Because of this, I would advise to only use text as images for headers, etc and stick to an appropriate web safe font for most of the site’s content.

I’ve seen a lot of font sites where you can purchase fonts, but I don’t know how reliable they are. I do favor the ilovetypography site that has a store where you can purchase fonts or links sites where you can purchase fonts. They also have free fonts as well.

If someone else’s operating system without your fonts are not correctly displayed.

This site is ok.

The best place to purchase font’s would be one of the established groups like or directly purchasing them from the foundries. Remember that what font’s you purchase will be limited as far as being used online. You will only be able to embed them in images and Flash, you won’t be able to use them through @font-face or directly placing them on the website, the reason for this is because most font’s have licenses which restrict them from being used on the web, as such it would be illegal to make use of them like that. And most of the good font’s unfortunately fall under such licensing schemes :slight_smile: