Fonts on the Survivor Logo

Does anyone know the fonts that are used on the Survivor TV show logo? There seems to be three different fonts.

The logo can be viewed from:

I’d be greatful if someone could tell me the fonts being used.

Thank you

If you are still looking for this font you could always try whatthefont or [URL=]Indentifont :wink:

Ok, I contacted my boss and he can’t find it but came close with this one, I am attaching it in a .zip file.
Virus scan it Just in case, I don’t want any black hats to corrupt anything on your coms.



:stuck_out_tongue: Fine then, I talked to my boss who is a font maniac… :dodgy:

There’s a font called “Survivant” that is really close. I think it’s on

actualy there is one called stranded

Thanks for the font, I just added to my collection.