Font Style and Size Change


I built a site using the New Google Sites. It appears that the standard text is Roboto. The font size appears to be between 4 and 5. I have been using the following code to adjust the default font style and size <font face="Roboto" font size="4"> in embedded code snippets for html. However using 4 makes the text smaller and using 5 makes the text bigger than the default text in the New Google Sites. What code do I need to make the text size the same? Thanks.


<font> is an obsolete html tag AFAIK. You really should be using CSS to style your content.


4 and 5 what? State some units.


Thank you so much for your responses. This issue is now fixed.


It looks like a version of the old and obsolete <font size="4">text</font>, where the numbers 1-7 were used to indicate very small to very large. Somewhat worrying to see in 2018. :see_no_evil:


Before my time... :grimacing:


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