Font size for Business Cards?

What font size is typically used for the contact info on a business card? Also, is it usually done in points or pixels…or does it matter?


I find anything above 7 points a little large on business cards, but then again I’m a fan of small text. Due to weight differences of fonts, some will obviously work better than others. If you have some spare time on your hands, you may want to make some printouts of common fonts at various sizes for future reference.

As for your second question, points are normally used for print.

Well, depends, which part of the card are you talking about? Points is a good unit to go by. But it doesn’t matter as it’s not going to vary, unlike screen.

I’ have 10 points (depending on the font) for the address and again depending on the font, 10 - 12 for the name and title.

Arial can be large for that size… It’s a visual thing. If it’s big, make it small! or post a screen shot so we can take a look.

This is the “visual” department of sp afterall! Can never have enough screenshots!

I think it can depend on the font and the design you are using for the business card. Personally, I usually use 7-9 points for the details depending on the font itself. Sometimes I will mix it up as well, put my name in 9 point with my email address in 7 point, etc. 10 point is probably the largest I would go on a business card … anything larger seems too big and (to me) appears amateurish. But like I said, it’s going to depend on the font. Some font sizes run small, so a serif font at 9 point may look like another font at 7 point … you just have to wing it. There’s no standard, so do what appeals to you … if you like it, go for it. :wink:

It depends on the style, the client the conception but I use fonts ranging from 7-11 pts.
It will also depend on the font face!
Other tips for designing a business card:

  • Good use of the Guides
  • Set Image Mode to CMYK
  • Set Resolution: to 300 pixels/inch

Thank you all for your input. It’s very helpful.

And make sure it’s the correct size, it’s always been 85mm x 55mm for me, but that’s another discussion :wink:

I’ve seen some huge cards that don’t even fit in the pockets in a wallet, etc…

I agree. I have noticed that a lot of these on-line print shops are offering some really big-sized business cards.

Are wallets bigger these days? I haven’t bought one in a while.

also keep in mind the bleeding process :slight_smile: