Font Rendering Issue

I had no idea where to post this question so I picked the forum that was most closely related (imo). I am running on a Macbook Pro and have a dual display using a 27" Apple Cinema Display. My colleague has EXACTLY the same setup, and he is NOT experiencing the same problem.

Anyway, I am having an issue with fonts rendering in my browsers–all of them! I’m talking Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I have the most recent versions of all of these browsers. All text is rendering bolder than it should be on any site that I visit. However, in Photoshop, the text is exactly the weight that it should be. I have checked all over in my system preferences panel to no avail. This is driving me crazy because the rendered browser version of the sites I develop are not matching up with the design and I keep making changes that I shouldn’t be making.

I need someone to save my sanity. Any ideas?

Can you login into the machine with different user and try accessing it, Changing the profile on the computer might help you in solving the issue

Thanks for the reply knev. While I was waiting I tried more Google searching and it turns out that in the System Preferences Appearance Panel there is a checkbox to “Use LCD font smoothing where possible.” Apparently this process bolds up all text. Unchecking it solved my problem!