Font not displaying the same

Could someone look at my pages at and for the text which is over the image of our receptionist and the handshake saying communication and committment why isn’t my fon’t the same as the Control and Capacity above it.

Also the links when you click on them should just be for the text not the image and text for the same images of the receptionist and the handshake why are my links active for the whole image and text?


You haven’t set the font for the last picture. You need to add

font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace;

Also, for the third and fourth pictures, you need to add

font-weight: 900;

to make it bold, as in the first two. As those styles apply to all four pictures, it would be easier to set them once on the containing div .businessborder, rather than on each link individually.

You have set a background image on your links, then set the link height to 100%, which includes the size of the image. If you remove

height: 100%

on these, the clickable area should be confined to the text alone.

You might want to rethink the colour for those links; the yellow text on white background for “Commitment” is illegible.