Font needed! - Rotis Semi Serif Bold

Hey folks, i’m doing some banners for a client and i need this font:
Rotis Semi Serif Bold
Does anyone have it?.. i really need it…

You can get it here and [URL=]here

Thank you guys, but do you have any idea of where can i get them for free?.. If i buy them, the client wont pay me for that…

Not sure if thre is a free version. Try doing a google search maybe you will find a free copy somewhere.

As far as the client. if they want that font to be used on their banners. They should be willing to pay for it. IMHO :slight_smile:

You won’t get them for free… If your client want you to use expensive commercial font - he should understand you billing him for that.
You can try to find free “alias” (google for rotis alias) of this font, but the quality (for example kerning) will be much worse for sure.


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I’ll try to find an alias… Anyway, the only thing i need to write is: “Your Pet Our Passion”… and maybe you could guess… the client is Purina, they can pay, of course, but they’re to damn busy with other things that arent paying enough attention to this.

If for some remote reason, you have an eps file of the actual Purina logo (or know a web i could find it) it would be very helpfull

You can download the PDF file from their site (here) and you have the logo in it - just open the file in Illustrator and extract the logo.

With some patience, you’d probably be able to extract the letters for your tagline too.

Hey guys!.. i managed to find the font!.. not a good way to get it, though
Here is the link if someone else need it…
<removed link>


Thanks for the advice Varelse but i need the “Your Pet Our Passion” text, wich is not in the PDF… your tip was very helpful anyway!..