Font Issue with graphics. Or just go 100% All help is appreciated


I apologize if this is the wrong forum.

So my question is this:

I am trying to create a new website logo. Yet the issue I am having is when I zoom in via my web browser both IE and Firefox, on my text part of the logo, it gets very blurry and looks horrible.

I have tried to photoshop to try a sans font like Arial to look cleaner and crisp, but still no luck.

So just curious when you design for a site, do you just design for 100% and go with it? or do you try and find a font that can be stretched but still look good?

Or maybe it is an issue with photoshop, so like when I am creating it, I need to click something to keep it looking good?

I am no pro, just trying to save a few bucks on some corporate logo design. But just looking for some honest and friendly help please.

I am saving the image and text with maximum. So its not being saved at a low level.

Thank you to all.

I prefer to create logos in Illustrator, converting any lettering to a vector shape. These days, you can save the logo as an svg image, which will look sharp ad crisp at any size. (Older browsers won’t be able to handle this, though, so you’ll need a fallback of some kind.

It’s a bad idea to create a logo specifically for a media. I mean aren’t you going to want business cards or stationary or whatever at some point? From a branding point of view, “oh i will just build a new logo when that happens” is a poor strategy.

As far as the web is concerned … As ralph mentioned, SVG is could be a solution, but support is somewhat limited. Generally, web graphics ( even if they are graphics of a font) will be raster. this means if you zoom enough they will look blocky. this is normal and there is no shame in it. Saving the image at a higher res solves the prob but only at the cost of increasing your page load time ( and do people really zoom in to inspect your logo?)

One option you could use s CSS3 web fonts for the type part of your logo. I would only go this route is the logotype is basic as kerning and other typographical control is either difficult or impossible

Make sure you have the right sized logo. If you dont want the logo size to change, make it relative in % to the width or even better have it fixed by giving the logo dimensions of height and width.