Font for whole table

How do I define what font I want for a whole table?

I am having to put the font tags in every row and column. I can get a whole row to display that font, but can’t get the rest of the table to display it. It goes back to the default font.

Thanks in advance

One way:

<table style="font-family:arial;" ....>


    font-family: ....;

Can I define which Style from a CSS in the

<table style="font-family:arial;" ....>

[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=2]It should work with a class specification and then the corresponding CSS definition, e.g.

.whatever {


Im still stuck, although I have managed to get the table displaying the font throughout.

How do make a style of text from an external Style sheet to be displayed in the table?

I have

main {
	font-family: 	Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
	color:		#0000FF;
	font-size:	10px;

so how do I make a table display this?

Thanks for the help so far. Im still to learn a lot

There is no <main> element in HTML. If you replace main with .main (notice the leading period), you can use it like this:

<table class="main">
.main {
  font-size:1em; [color=red]/* Never set font sizes in pixels! */[/color]