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Apologies if I’ve just missed the answer in my research. Is there a trick to getting font-face to work with otf fonts, other than running them through a converter (which hasn’t worked for me yet anyway)? Related matter: some of my ttf fonts (which should work) have spaces in their names - would that cause them to not function with font-face? thank you!

Sorry, I don’t know much about the ins and outs of fonts as I tend to avoid custom fonts because they are so troublesome (many free fonts don’t work in ios properly anyway). When I do use them I always use the font squirrel generator and they work first time for me.

Assuming you have purchased a licence for your custom font then usually you will receive a package with a demonstration of the font working and how to set up etc.

Have you checked if the font works online as it may be that your system is not set up to handle various font extensions. Either way set up a demo online so we can have a look at how you have it all set up.

However, I’m assuming that you have managed to get other fonts working with font-face so it may be that it’s your system that needs to be addressed (mime type ht access or similar).

thanks! I tinkered a little, made a few changes regarding what fonts I was using, and more or less resolved the problem. Still can’t use all the fonts I’d like but the site is functional.

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