Font Awesome 6


I have been using Font Awesome for a very long time. I was a kickstarter for their v5. Early last year I saw their offering about a new version 6 originally planned for the 2dn half of 2020.

Apparently we’re about one year late. Does anybody know what is going on ?

I don’t mind paying for the services I am using but I didn’t like the new subscribing mode and the fact they appear to run late doesn’t help. What are your thoughts about that ? Are you going to upgrade or stick to an earlier version ?

Just a guess, but I suspect the Covid pandemic may have affected time scales.

Anyways, FA6 is now in Beta.

I thought as everybody is working from home and spending less time commuting it would be more time for developers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good point anyway.

They might need to update their schedule as I suppose their before August 1 offer was for 2020

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