Folder synchronization tool

Hi everybody,
I’m looking for a simple synchronization tool. I don’t want any date/filesize comparison. Just a check if any of the files have been updated and if yes upload it from the local computer to a predefined remote server. So no hassle with uploading it from an FTP program manually. There’s a program called “sitecopy”, but thats a bit difficult to install under Windows. Any ideas?

Could probably even write your own solution. Something like a web service. All you need is the file’s path and name and a checksum of its contents. A check would give you reasonable assurance whether or not a file has been updated or not. The live site in question would send a manifest of all the files and there checksums to a remote service that maintains the latest copies. The remote service would then send only the updated files.

Of course just theory and food for thought I felt like putting out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try OneSync, Sync IT and SyncToy, all are easy to use, simple and free.

How does it know whether a file has been updated if it can’t check the modification date or file size?

Yes it would check if any of the local files has a newer date. But not compare it with the date of the server version.