Folder links

Must I put all the images and pages in one folder or can I divide them up. I am not sure how the links would work for this. I would like 4 folders for pages and 4 folders for images but would like to link them all. I am not sure if this is good practice or it bad to do it this way. Please kindly advise me.

Yes you can place files in different folders but a lot of people use one folder for *.htm files and one for images on small sites.

Typically you would have to use ‘relative links’ within your HTML files that pointed to the image files and the relevant directory in relation to the HTML file. It all depends upon your directory structure and nesting to how you write the path to links themselves.

As xhtml mentioned it’s best practice to keep images in one folder. The advantage being it keeps things in order and allows you to easily keep track of your images. I find that storing images in separate folders can make things complicated when the web site begins to grow.