Flyout menu touches


I need your help in fine tuning this menu. I am having a hard time aligning the sub (flyout) menu to the toplevel menu to look like amazon’s menu

Thank you


Could you be more specific? I went to but wherei’s their dropdown?

Could you be more specific, also, as to what you want it to look like?

I have attached snapshots of Amazon and menu showing the problems in my menu.

Thank you

We have to wait for them to be approved and I believe faster answers coudl be given if you just upload them to tinypic or some other site and then post the live link here :).

Otherwise we would have to wait for a moderator to approve it (by then we might forget about this thread ;))

Dinner time! Yum :D[/ot]

Something like this perhaps?

#menu ul li:hover > ul {
[B]    margin-top:-24px;/* was 23*/[/B]
[B]#menu ul ul{padding:0;}[/B]
#menu ul#toplevel li {
   [B] margin:0 0 0 0;/* was 1px */
    padding:1px 0 0;/* was zero*/[/B]

Right on!

Thank you all