FLV widens subject when converted

The original slim woman speaking on the video (flv) is framed by vertical black space on the left and vertical black space on right side of the video. When it’s converted to wmv or avi, the vertical black sides are gone and the video is widened to fill the player, and the subject is now very wide. How can I keep it the original way it appears when I convert it? Thanks.

You shouldn’t convert a flv to anything else, it’s a lossy compressed final output format. If you need to have a wmv copy, convert from the original uncompressed source. With regards to the resized output there’s not enough information to make a judgement on what’s going wrong - software used, settings?

Thanks for that reply.

The original is no longer available. So, my question now is, is there any way to capture it from YouTube in anything other than flv? If so, how, please?

No, you can only get it from youtube as flv/h.264