Fluctuation in Alexa ranking

hello friends,
Alexa rank of my site was 2,10,000 before 1 week suddenly it is rising up and today it was 2,26,000.
I have checked all my links and account, i got my G+ account has been banned by Google.
Is it the reason behind rank fluctuation?
what should i do to improve alexa ranking while i don’t want to be a pro alexa customer.

Alexa traffic is merely an estimate and it is less likely to be accurate when you have a low traffic website. Manipulating it rarely makes you more money too as a website owner.

The best way to see an improvement in your Alexa ranking will be to increase the number of visitors your website gets. The right questions to ask are “why would people want to visit or return to your website?” and “how you can get more people to visit your website?”

As for as my experiece for the same is concerned. This might increase due to the loss of the traffic as this is considered as a traffic tool by some bloggers. Though it might not be the accurate thing so far as it shows the traffic of those visites those have alexia tool installed in their profiles or website.