Flowplayer JQuery and Windows

Hi guys,

I am using Ubuntu 12.x I customised flowplayer a little bit and now that I am done, I find out its not workingon windows at all

is any body bored or nice enough to help me figure out why? I dont have a windows machine to debug it and it works just fine on my machine


function update_playlist_visible(clip = ''){
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =
					if(clip == ''){
						var clip = get_original_clip();
					var url = 'http://video.buteosoftware.com/player.php?';
					var view = url+"clip="+clip;
					var hide = view +"&display_playlist=no";
					$("#wplaylist").attr('href', view);
					$("#noplaylist").attr('href', hide);

My bet is it is broken on ubuntu too, you’ve just got a working cached copy.

It depends what you mean by “not working”. On Ubuntu 12.04, the video of Josh Mandel plays OK, but the thumbnails at the bottom are also all linked to the Josh Mandel video.

I’m afraid none of it works on Mac. :frowning:

You might need to go back to the drawing board on this one. Perhaps set up the gallery first, using a good script, and make sure that works. Then add in the videos.

The josh mandel video is at the beginning of every clip, then there is a logo, then the actual video plays

Ah, OK - in that case then yes, it’s working on Ubuntu.

definitely not a cached copy, it works on all of my and the people i work with ubuntu machines, finally installed win 7 as last night. I am getting a similar error to what you are from firebug atm and assuming that error has something to do with setting the default value in the function update_playlist_visible(clip = ‘’) the clip = ‘’ part of the code but

update_clip_preview() not defined error is the main problem, the function is actually defined on line 877 in the page source

			function update_clip_preview(image){
				$("#clipimage").attr('src', image);