Florist website client

I will design a website for a florist store.windering which path do i take wordpress theme or outsource?

Does Wordpress have the functionality that the florist needs on their site?
Do you have the skills to develop the website?
Do you have a budget?

That’s the answer.

Agree with MarkBrown4…

depends on your clients needs / budget.

You could do wordpress or joomla.

You could buy a ready made template and edit the content / images.

You could use a web design company (like ours - shamelss plug :wink: )…

The issue I have with Joomla is its too difficult to use. I’ve tried for about 10 minutes, then I gave up. Sure, I only tried for 10 minutes, but I would call myself a pretty technical web user. A florist is just not going to get it (without loads of help).

Wordpress in my opinion is a blogging platform. Not a website template (feel free to disagree but I believe in the right tool for the job).

Web templates are great IF and only if you can find really nice ones. They typically cost about $60 - $100.

Custom jobs can be expensive ($800 - $1000 just for graphic design). But they are absolutely unique and if done by a really good company with really good designers you will see where your money went to.

So, in answer to your question “Wordpress or outsource?”. If those are your only two options I’d say outsource. I’m sure MarkBrown4 or myself would be happy to give you a quote if you decided on that route.



If you are building a website for a business you should know HTML and CSS (at the least), doing work for someone when you don’t know what you are doing is a VERY bad idea and can leave you legally liable for anything that goes wrong. If you do know HTML and CSS you don’t need to outsource the project, you could code it yourself (or use a theme of your own requirements) but you certainly should not be building websites for others if you don’t have the slightest idea what you are doing (which is what you seem to be putting across) - and doing paid work with no knowledge is just asking for trouble. I would probably outsource in your situation.

I know how to design a website it’s just wanted to be a middle man and outsource the design’s alot of work for florist website,bilingual,add photos,…i guess i will take a wordpress theme and apply changes to it.