I’m floating all objects to the left, is there a way to center them so that the last 2 look centered instead of on the left?

Why don’t you float them all right instead, at which point the bottom two would line up with the rest on the page (which would look best IMNSHO)

I suppose you can’t add a class to them and move them across with a margin?

Otherwise if you want centred blocks then you could try display:inline-block instead of floating and use text-align:center on the parent to center them.

#content a img.a {
border:1px solid #6CB3DF;
[B]margin:10px 5px;[/B]


[B].container {text-align:left}[/B]

I don’t think that’s what you meant either though :slight_smile:

ok, made some changes
when I tried floating the .container and images to the right, I had the same problem, but the bottom 2 pics were on the right instead of course so I need to explain a bit.
What im trying to do is float all the objects so they appear centered in the Content div, so when and third row of images do it leaves the images slighntly skewed to the left. But how do I center those 2?

As Dave said you could float them right and so they would always match fro the right.

Or if you don’t want them to wrap under the left item then create two columns instead.

It all depends on what you want exactly.