Floating title over a box..?

Ok, I’m about to loose my mind! I tried to google this and maybe i’m just to frustrated to figure this out. :frowning:

All I want to do is float 3 words on top of 3 boxes, Easy right? I’m sure I have done this before and it was simple. For some reason no matter what I do
It just won’t work… can someone help? I’m a big newbe and now i’m sure I have over thought this, i’ve been looking at it all morning.

The main thing I need to do is to have the boxes a white BG color and the text and BG another color. Fhew, time for lunch!

If you can help, thanks in advance!

I cannot quite visualise what you mean by floating 3 words on 3 boxes. How do you want the “boxes” arranging and the words?

I assume you mean; you want three boxes and each of the boxes has one word in it?

Basically you are likely to need a DIV a basic approach is to get a box;

<div style=“background: white; border: solid black; width: 5em; height: 5em; color: red;”>Lorem</div>

Unless you mean you want to position the text over a box rather than in one, or float the boxes so they are horizontally positioned?

Do you want the headings to be on top of the floats? Or beside them?

Thanks for trying to help. I didn’t do a very good job at explaining my problem, sorry. I was looking to have a word above the text box descriding what was inside.

I realized what i needed was a new div and then I nested an ul id inside.


I dont see the use of any divs here, just a simple list.

<li><h3>word</h3>Text box</li>

you may have to position the span to appear ontop.