Floating Text Box?

Hello all,
i have a slice with an area for text, id ideally like to make this in code and not use a .gif , so the box border stays fixed and doesn’t change with text input till it reaches a min height, failing that how can i make a “floating” text box that sits over the frame .gif and i can input text and edit it without having to upload a new .gif of the box itself every time i want to change the text. i realize the box wouldn’t grow >.< id just make sure the text would be short enough to fit. Heres a screenshot ( the red box is just to show the placement of the text area)

Thanks in advance for any help its greatly appreciated

I’m not certain your question even makes sense… are you saying you’re trying to use a fixed height GIF background over the entire site or content area to do the job of BORDER?!?

If you have the site live somewhere we could probably tell you more, but from what you’re asking I’d suspect your entire site building approach is completely busted/improper/invalid/whacky.

Sorry, my post probably came across as convoluted, let me try and clarify.
I have a design for the site ive made in Photoshop, im trying to get around inputting the text in photoshop and then making the slice and posting to the page. Because then id have to go back into photoshop if i wanted to change the text content.

What im aiming at is having a “floating text box” that would sit above the .gif (z-index?) that i could edit through the html.

I dont have this live right now, ill post again when i upload it.

Can’t you just mark up that area as a div, give it an id or class as required and then apply a min-height and a border? e.g.

#textbox {min-height: 10em;
border: 2px solid red;

or whatever you want?

Technobear thanks for the reply thats more along the lines of what i was looking for.