Floating Div dissapears when window is resized

Hi there,

I am building a website that has a header. There are three div’s inside the header. Two of them are float:left and one is float:right.

When I resize the window, and the div that is floated right hits the float left divs, the right one dissapears.

Does anyone know what is wrong?

Thank you

Hi, it could be a couple reasons, overflow:hidden being set could be one of them. Which browser is this?

Could you post a link where this is happening? Or at the very least, full HTML/CSS to replicate this issue?

Sounds as though you have a fixed height on the header so that when the float drops one will go missing. Or as Ryan said you may also have overflow:hidden in place.

If you don’t want the floats to drop then set a min-width on the header equal to the combined with of the three floats (won’t work in IE6 though).