Float text under an image when the <img> is also withing the text <p>

I am using a CMS for a client that allows them to input text and images. The CMS automatically inserts the <img> into the <p> tag with the text.

When the image is not as wide as the container, the text wraps up on the right side of the image as the <img> is float:left. What I am trying to accomplish is to have the text always clear the image and display below the <img>.

I know how to do this by floating the <p>, but the CMS does not allow me to place the image outside the <p>. What am I missing here?

Any help appreciated.

You’ll have to remove the “float:left;” and perhaps set the image to “display:block;” to make sure the text clears it.

I’d set the image to display: block; rather than float it.

Thanks guys. So simple, yet it escaped me…