'Float' or 'align'?

In a layout of a left thumbnail with text alongside, are there advantages/disadvantages in using ‘align:left’ rather than ‘float:left’.

Probably best to ignore this question - which is moot.
Amid late-afternoon brain-fade… I’d forgotten that ‘align:left’ is a deprecated html tag and isn’t valid css.


In CSS, there is almost always more than one way to do things. Which is the best choice will depend on other factors, such as the surrounding design. Sometimes there is no “best”, just personal preference.

Without a bit more context, it’s hard to comment further.

The correct css to use really depends on context and your desired design, which we don’t know.
Try posting two example codes of what you are doing to compare.

And there is on course the small matter that align:left is not css. :shifty:



Good point - amid late-afternoon brain-fade… of course, it’s a deprecated html tag. Duh me! (Having forgotten that ‘align:left’ isn’t valid css, I now remember why I switched to float:left.)

Having answered SamA74, the whole question is now moot. :wink:

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