Float inside a spry tabbed panel


I am trying to set up a page that has a spry tabbed panel, I want the first panel to contain floating product boxes that contain dynamic data (box has a repeat server behaviour). I can get the box to sit inside the panel but as soon as i apply float left (or right) so that boxes fill left to right, the box drops out of the panel.

Is this what is called float drop, or is this something else.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is giving me serious brain damage!!!

you’re gonna have to post a bit of code or a link to a page before I can help any.

Hi, you might need to add up your widths to make sure that you don’t have a float drop.

If your total width exceeds the parents calculated height then it will start making new rows to fit the dtaa.

If you mean the backgroubnd isn’t stretching to meet the element. Then the parent probably just needs a clearing mechanism on. Try giving the parent of hte floated elements “overflow:hidden”

If that isn’t it (one of those two) then I’d need to see a live site or full code :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replys. I amnew to this and am useing dreamweaver and php.
I have gone right back to basics and managed to solve the problem myself.
All i had to do was add an overfow-hidden property to the TabbedPanelsContentGroup and all is fine.:blush:

Again thanks for the replys.

RyanReese you were spot on. Thank you.

I’m glad it helped. If you want to read more up on it then google “float containment”