Flipping mobile applications : I need advices

I am trying to gauge interest concerning a marketplace targeted at flipping mobile applications, sort of a flippa for mobile apps.
As I don’t know a lot about flipping websites, I’m seeking advice of experienced people.


To be honest, I don’t know what that flipping word means. Could you explain in more detail?

Flipping is about buying an asset, adding some value, and selling it for a profit.

Flipping websites has become quite popular, and I’m wondering if people flipping websites for a living would be interested in the mobile apps market.

I can understand how it would work for a website, but in the realms of client software I cannot see how it would be viable.

Say I had a basic app (which I will have soon) that you use to scan a book and it gives you an academic reference of said book to your email address. What will one gain from buying my app and what could I gain from selling it?