Flex Gap property & icanuse should we start applying it aggresively?


Hi there, I am aggressively using flex-gap after I came to know about it after a discussion with @PaulOB as it simplifies so much CSS.

Chrome+safari accounts for most of the browsing experience in the world. Is it fair to use it as those two browsers have good compatibility with this property?

Those who are into this business and profession how will they proceed with its application in theirs project?

I can see that for some versions of Chrome, Safari, and other browsers Flex Gap is supported. For the versions that do not it please see this work around

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The latest versions are supported in safari also.

Yes, tehe latest versions of those two browsers are supported and the video in the link I provided above also shows how someone can use Flex Gap in his/her project as well. It doesn’t only show the work around to replicate Flex Gap if a browser does not support it.


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